Understanding Your Options

When Selling Vacant Land

Rush Creek Land vs. FSBO vs. Realtor

Compare the benefits of selling to Rush Creek Land vs. listing yourself or hiring a Realtor.

Rush Creek Land
For Sale By Owner
Real Estate Agent
How You Get Paid
Cash Buyer
-no approvals required
Cash or bank loan (buyer may or may not be approved)
Cash or bank loan (buyer may or may not be approved)
Listing Fees
No MLS fees
No advertising fees
No surveys
No agent commissions
MLS fee, advertising fee, land survey, your time (advertising can take several months)
Who Pays Closing Costs?
We pay ALL closing costs
Seller (3-5%)
Seller (3-5%)
Who Pays Transfer Fees?
We pay ALL transfer fees
Who handles showings?
No showings required
# of Showings Required
None - Save time!
Varies (up to 20+)
Varies (up to 20+)
Upgrades Required
-we buy as-is
Upgrades may be required
Upgrades may be required
Days Listed for Sale
6-18 months
6-18 months
Closing Date
You decide
45-60 days
Where to start when selling land?

When selling raw land, it is important to understand the different options available to you.  This will make it easier to decide what is best for your situation.

How do I find the Buyers?

There are significantly less buyers in the market for vacant land as compared to residential and commercial real estate.  This is the primary reason vacant properties take longer and are more difficult to sell.  Depending on the location, vacant land usually takes somewhere between 6-18 months to sell for its “retail price”.  

Should I Hire a Realtor?

Some owners choose to hire a Realtor to list, advertise, show, and hopefully sell their vacant land for a great price.  To their surprise, these owners often find that most real estate agents lack experience in selling vacant land, and some do not even want the business.  Real Estate Agents know that selling vacant land can be difficult and it can take a long time to find the right buyer.  They also know their commissions are generally much lower than residential listings, especially for properties valued under $100,000.  This is why most agents charge anywhere from 6-10% to list land on the MLS.  

What is my Property Worth?

It is often difficult to establish market value for vacant land because there are rarely ever enough actual comparables, or similar recent sales, available in the local market.  Some people believe the county’s “Assessed Value” equates to “Market Value”, when in reality it does not.  County Assessed Value is a rough estimate that the assessor assigns every property in order to calculate its property taxes.  

Many real estate agents also struggle to determine market value of raw land.  They are motivated to list properties for more than they’re worth because it increases their commission when it sells.  Think about it, why do Realtors never ask a seller “How quickly do you want this property to sell?”.  Agents love to ask top dollar and then wait it out.  This is one of the main reasons why land takes much longer to sell than other types of real estate.  If you would like to wait 6-18 months to sell your land, hiring a real estate agent may be a good option for you.

What about For Sale by Owner?

For those who want to ‘maximize profits’ and avoid paying Realtor commissions, selling For Sale By Owner is another option.  When selling land FSBO (For Sale By Owner), the owner takes on all the responsibilities of advertising, marketing, answering calls/text/emails, showings, and filtering through potential buyers hoping to find a serious one.  This method does work, and can save some money on commissions, but requires a significant amount of time, effort, and expense from the owner.  FSBO sellers quickly learn there are a countless number of “tire kickers” who just want to ‘take a look’ at the land but have no intention of actually buying it.

Why Property Owners Sell to Us…

The #1 reason owners sell to us is we make the whole process of selling land extremely easy, efficient, and convenient for them – and we can pay them right now.  

We specialize in land. 
We handle all the paperwork (via a third party licensed title company).
We pay for all the closing fees. 

If you want to sell your land and get cash in your pocket right now, then RushCreekLand.com may be a great option for you as well!

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Our goal is to be the best option for our clients by making the process of selling their land fast, easy, and stress-free.  


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