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We are the premier purchaser of your unwanted land.

Our sole purpose is to provide you with an easy option to quickly sell your unused or unwanted property.  We strive to make the process of selling vacant land extremely easy and hassle-free.  When you sell to Rush Creek Land, there is no waiting around for a buyer, and you will not have to pay any Realtor commissions, advertising costs, closing fees, or any other expenses.  It is our goal is to be your EASY BUTTON when selling a property you no longer want or need.  

Did you receive a letter from us?

Most likely you found this website on a letter we sent you.  No, this is not a scam… and yes, we really want to purchase your property.  We use public information available on the county assessor’s website to locate properties for potential investment.  If you are considering selling, you can request an offer and in most cases, we can have a cashier’s check to your door for the offer amount in less than two weeks. 

How did we find your property?

No, we didn’t find it while driving around the neighborhood.  We selected it from the county tax assessor’s records in a property search based on its size and location.  Our goal with the offer is to open the conversation if you are interested in selling because we want your property!

How does this work?

We use a local, licensed title company to help complete all of our transactions.  You will be able to choose a closing date that is convenient for you.  At closing, you will sign over the deed and receive payment for the property in the form of a cashier’s check.  We will be there with you the entire way to help make the transaction go as smooth as possible.  

Are there hidden fees?

No, there are absolutely no hidden fees.  We pay for all closing costs including title company fees, transfer tax, and recording fee which are normally paid by the seller.  And since we are not Realtors, there is no sales commission.  This will save you 6-10% on the sale of your property.  The amount of our offer is the actual cash payment you will receive. 

What do we do with the property?

We resell most of our properties at very reasonable prices, but depending on the property, we may consider making some improvements or holding onto it as a longer term investment.  We enjoy helping people realize their dream of owning an affordable piece of real estate.

Why should I sell to Rush Creek Land?

If you’re not in the land business, you might be surprised how much time, effort, and expense goes into selling undeveloped land.  It’s not always as simple as hiring a Realtor to do the work for you.  In fact, many real estate agents do not even want vacant land listings.  They believe raw land is not worth their time because sale prices (and commissions) are generally much lower than houses.  They also know that most rural land is difficult and time-consuming to show to potential buyers. 

Who are we?

We are a husband-wife team that specializes in finding those forgotten about pieces of real estate and getting them into the hands of new owners.  We are based in Minnesota and have been together for 15 years.  We have an amazing set of twin girls and a yellow lab who keep us busy!  

What to do next?

Learn more by visiting our How it Works and Frequently Asked Questions pages.  If you would like to sell your property, please contact us.  If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call any time at (763) 244-1442.  

If you want cash for your land...

Submit your property today and request an offer.

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Summary of Benefits:

1) No Realtor commissions or advertising costs;
2) No closing fees – We pay them for you;
3) No showings – We buy sight unseen;
4) No need to upgrade or clean up the property – We buy as-is;
5) No waiting for a buyer – Selling land can take 6-18 months (or more);
6) Reliable buyer – Get paid cash in less than 30 days;
7) Simple Process – Avoid the effort normally required to sell raw land.

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